Strength, balance, form and discipline are all important parts in martial arts, and GITAMI training. That is exactly what you will need to train with your Gitami. With a mixture of traditional and mixed martial arts training, with integrated Gitami skills. You'll certainly get a solid foundation and understanding of the Ulitmate Hand Weapon.

As a traditional martial arts training, the Gitami training will focus on helping you build confidence, and learn practical Gitami, offense, and defense skills. This is the best way to ensure you will remain safe from harm, and also be better prepared to overcome other obstacles in life. When using your Gatami. Hopefully, you'll never have to use it.

GP7A News: What is a Gitami, and why is everyone saying ... I WANT A GITAMI...

Published 5.29.2017 12:58 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News nternational | Weapons News |Gitami | Ultimate Hand Weapon | Training

You Dare to Say it Gitami Does Not Exist …

Gitami Ultimate Hand Weapon Denver, 80202 Shadow Warrior - Marcus Giavanni

GP7A News: Gitami Enforcer Shadow Worrior
Photo Published 5.29.2017 12:58 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | International |Weapon News | Gitami | Spriritual Incounters | Medium | Marcus Giavanni

GP7A News: Most people called out Marcus Giavanni, on his, alleged, ancient, Gitami. Marcus Giavanni, never really, wanted to share the spiritual weapon known, as the Gitami. We call it, the Enforcer!

Marcus Giavanni, knows, a thing, or two about his ability to funnel information, from the past. It's not something. Marcus Giavanni, likes to publicly, come out and talk about. However, when the information does come through, it's either direct contact, with certain entities, images, conversations, locations, places. And yes, even on Google Browsers.

Marcus Giavanni, did not want to share the Gitami to the World. Being that the Gitami has powers. And most people who have seen it, felt it, trained, slightly with it. Becomes so overwhelmed, they instantly say … I want Gitami ...

Nevertheless, Marcus Giavanni, did not want to capitalize on a ancient, spiritual weapon. So, when Marcus Giavanni

Took the above photo. It wasn’t for glamour, or marketing purposes. We just needed a photo to show our perspective Manufactures. Who, will be manufacturing the Gitami in mass production.

Well, the image, was taken of the Gitami, it was a side view. There were no shadows in the room. And the camera’s eye. That Marcus Giavanni, did not see, any shadows. You just saw, a perfect side image of the Gitami.

Well, as you can see, in this untouched photo. You see the Shadow Warrior.

There is more to this story, and it made Giavanni. Take a moment, to reconsider, offering the Gitami to the World.