2017 Gitami Launch 2017

Published on Feb 10, 2017 Youtube:

Louisville, Colorado 80027: "GP7A NEWS reports about "Gitami" the "Ultimate Hand Weapon", look at the "Gitami". The best enforcer for Law Enforcement, and trained MMA instructors, and fighters. And for that personal protection.

Marcus Giavanni is the owner of the "Gitami Enforcer". The "Gitami Enforcer Ultimate Hand Weapon", Made in the U.S.A, Louisville, Colorado 80027-9714.

"GP7A News and Weapons: The "Gitami Enforcer" is the Ultimate for a Handheld weapon. Once you touch, and feel this remarkable weapon called the "Gitami" enforcer. Made in the U.S.A. By Marcus Giavanni"," most people are not aware, that "Marcus Giavanni, is an old-school MMA/street fighter, and when you looked like Marcus Giavanni back in the day. You need to learn to fight, and fight well. You might have to fight multiple bullies at the same time. There are no rules to street fighting, and there are no gloves".

Owning a Gitami, will open your body to a spiritual awakening, in self-defense. Especially in riot or crowd control enforcement. 100% Guranuteed or your money back.

GP7A News: Gitami supports #Tapthevote, and we are proud of the Professional Journalist, who are out in the field, as nonpartisan. It’s tough for sure, but the future is your's, tell your bosses.

The wizard Knows all, Tells All http://gp7anews.com reports more news coming soon. Have you heard of "Tap the Vote"? Tap the Vote, or, #TaptheVote, @TaptheVote, held at the "Denver Post Auditorium". And "Marcus Giavanni is an activist, for Families, Fathers, Children, Mothers, Elderly, Homeless, and Mental Illness. And is a champion for low cost housing using vouchers.